Engaging the digital mission field

Mindsets, tools and strategies to help ministers FINISH the Great Commission in a digital age

COVID-19 has changed our daily paradigm as we now find ourselves primarily living in a digital world. This crisis has thrust all of us deeper into the digital landscape as it is now our primary mode and method of communicating and connecting with people.

Missionaries have training and experience in contextualizing and sharing the Good News with different cultures. Join us for a series of conversations with field experts that will help you be more effective in winning the lost and bringing hope to others during this new era. 

Webinar Hosts:

Dr. Bobby L. Lynch, Jr

Dr. Blayne Waltrip

Register for our upcoming webinar:

Webinar #12 - Communicating to diverse communities in a digital age

Guest expert: Drs. Clifton & Marcia Clarke

Thursday, May 21 at 2pm eastern


View a recording of our previous webinars:

Webinar #1 - Building bridges between the church and people living in a digital world

Guest expert: Dr. Sean O'Neal

Explore how the church can build bridges to the digital culture. Available in Spanish here.


Webinar #2 - Authenticity, openness and empowering others

Guest expert: Rob Fultz

Explore how the church can do more than simply livestream our existing services. Instead, how can we look at this as an opportunity for missions into an unreached, digital culture. Read a recap of this conversation


Webinar #3 - Leading in a Digital World

Guest expert: Fred Garmon

See how the current crisis affects leadership strategies and how best to lead in a digital culture.


Webinar #4 - Wide Web World: Staking a Claim in Cyberspace

Guest expert: Jonathan Augustine

Hear how Jonathan launched an online worship experience with his High School classmates, by their request. Topics also include online connectivity and the hope for the church flexing toward maximized resilience during this missional opportunity.


Webinar #5 - Local Church Diakonia in a Digital Age

Guest expert: Rick Witther

Discuss the theological underpinnings of digital ministry and find help for all ministers who are battling the practicalities of online ministry.

rick witther

Webinar #6 - How a Digital World is Reshaping Missions

Guest expert: Miguel Alvarez

Explore with Miguel Alvarez how the Digital Word reshapes what we understand of Mission. Available in Spanish here.

rick witther

Webinar #7 - Be the Leader in the Digital Mission Field

Guest expert: Bill Isaacs

Study specific examples about how he is leading the local church he pastors to reopen over the next weeks and receive tips and tools to enhance your leadership potential and skills as we journey together through these challenging times.

rick witther

Webinar #8 - How to make disciples of all nations

Guest expert: Victor Cruz

Join the president of SEMISUD (South American Seminary) as he speaks about the field of digital mission and Finishing the Great Commission. Available in Spanish here.


Webinar #9 - Mentoring and the digital mission field

Guest expert: Michael Reynolds

Director of Ministerial Development in the COG Division of Education explores how the church can continue being innovative in ministering to every tongue and nation with the help of technology.


Webinar #10 - They aren't avatars

Guest expert: Wilmer Estrada

Wilmer Estrada leads the conversation, “They aren’t avatars: Engaging the person in virtual reality,” about engaging the digital other as a whole person. Available in Spanish here.


Webinar #11 - What God is saying to the church TODAY

Guest expert: David Ramirez

Explore the possibility and implications that COVID-19 could be a Divine Interruption. Available in Spanish here.