At Project M:25, we provide holistic care and support to at-risk children in Ecuador through our different programs. Our organization offers nutrition, education, and enrichment programs to children and families in Quito, as well as training and resources to those who work with at-risk children and their families throughout Latin America.

Inspired by Jesus’ call to care for “the least of these,” Project M:25 is dedicated to providing comprehensive child development services to impoverished children who often face abuse and child labor. Project M:25 on campus-programs are founded on biblical principles and create nurturing environments that foster healthy spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional growth:

Kids’ Club

In order to address the practical and emotional difficulties stemming from poverty, this afterschool program offers a holistic approach to help children. The program helps develop social-emotional skills that work to improve resilience and foster trauma healing. The holistic approach includes a trauma-informed environment, educational assistance through tutoring and enrichment classes, nutritional aid, and health interventions. Spiritual coping practices, virtues and character skills are both taught and modeled. There is a consistent focus on the strategic use of play as a tool for positive mental health and learning. The program also provides mentoring and case-management to facilitate improved caregiver involvement in the child’s development. 

Precious Jewels

Precious Jewels offers a safe and non-judgmental space where women can connect with each other and learn to cope with their difficulties. We provide a supportive community, where women can receive spiritual guidance and encouragement to help facilitate trauma healing, build their confidence, and improve their self-esteem. We offer a variety of life skills training opportunities to help women improve their overall well-being. We also aim to build women’s resilience by providing hope in Christ as a way to help them cope and build positive relationships. Women are challenged to employ supportive parenting techniques that help prevent their own children from experiencing adversities. Education and training is available for women interested to help them gain financial independence which is an important tool for empowering women.

Give Light

Give Light incorporates a holistic focus on spirituality, physical and mental health, socio-emotional skills, and community service. We provide a safe space for teens to learn and grow, while also highlighting diverse role models to broaden their world-view and belief in their own possibilities in life. Our program includes mentoring opportunities, educational workshops, and community service projects. Mentors work closely with adolescents to help them create a life plan based on their own goals. We aim to help adolescents build a healthy path toward further education, employment, and parenthood while possessing a health self-image.

Give Water

Due to the prevalence of unsafe drinking water, in order to prevent serious illnesses that result from drinking contaminated water, Give Water seeks to provide families with water filtration systems and educate them on the importance of drinking safe water. In order to foster resilience in families and promote improved physical and mental wellbeing, Give Water employs relationship-building techniques derived from a trauma-informed approach to chaplaincy visits. Give water utilizes these home visits to identify at-risk behaviors that may need intervention and to foster religious coping skills such as prayer and Bible reading. As a benefit from participating in Give Water, most families experience improved economic situations resulting from a reduction in the expense of water and medication as well as improved work attendance. The child’s school performance is improved

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