give-care-logoAs the reality of the earthquake’s devastation sets in, the people are suffering a great deal of trauma as they live in makeshift tents, or other temporary structures. Many report that every time the wind blows, they panic as if it is another earthquake. Also, they are still experiencing aftershocks daily. One mother shared how she is unable to sleep at night as she just watches her children to make sure they are ok. Many have lost all they had, including family members. The world will never be the same for these precious people.

Ecuador EarthquakeIn order to help the children begin to cope with their post-traumatic stress and grief reactions, we are thrilled to formally announce the second phase of our relief efforts, called “Give Care”. GIVE care is a collaboration between Project M:25 Missions, Lee University and SEMISUD (our seminary in Quito, where Bobby teaches), designed to specifically help the children who experienced trauma from Ecuador’s earthquake. Professors and students of the Holistic Child Development program within the Psychology Department of Lee University, have written an intensive curriculum and compilation of resources to help deal with this trauma.

We will be traveling, along with a group from Lee University and a group of our students from SEMISUD, to the affected areas next week. We will be working with the local pastors, Sunday school teachers and school teachers to train them in how to help the children process their emotions as well as identifying and finding help for those with more severe trauma. We will also work directly with the children, offering a light-hearted program designed to help them begin to process their feelings in a healthy manner. We will be distributing 2,000 trauma care packages for children, which are specifically designed with psychological healing in mind. Then, we will be working with our Church of God school in the area, which offers education to 250 children. We will help the children and families transition back into their first day back in classes since the earthquake, and help the teachers plan curriculum to address their emotional needs.

ecuador-quake_283bbadc-0513-11e6-80c7-86ecee87a31cIn addition to these training and ministry events, the students from SEMISUD, who live in Ecuador, will be assigned to do follow-up care with 1 or 2 churches throughout the upcoming months. They will remain in contact with the pastors and teachers to offer more support with specific cases. We will provide oversight and coordination to ensure that this long-term initiative has the resources needed to make a lasting difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Would you please consider how you might help us to continue this initiative and also share this need with friends and family? Each care package for the children costs $5 each. You may contribute to the purchase of these kits by

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