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love in action

The Bible passage in Matthew 25 is the foundation of Project M:25 Missions. In this passage, we see how profound is Jesus’ love for each of us. Jesus inspires us to do more than simply give, He inspires us to identify with the pain of the broken. He is so deeply connected to their pain that He said when we reach out in His name, it is as if Jesus himself is embracing the hurting.

This video shares more about the type of Love In Action that defines Project M:25:

Project M:25 is a holistic ministry fighting against damaging impact of poverty in the lives of at-risk children and their families. We share the love of God with the broken, which transforms and restores their lives.

We work with 120 at-risk children to help them with their educational, physical, and nutritional needs, making sure everything is based on showing them how the love of God can transform their lives.  We work with the entire family to strive to help them overcome the stronghold that domestic violence has on their lives.