Are you a parent, or someone who works with children?

Of the many things you have to worry about in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we know that the emotional health of the children you care for is at the TOP of that list. Helping kids cope with and properly express their emotions is often an overwhelming and confusing task.

Let us walk through this crisis with you, while giving you some practical, hands-on methods with which you can help kids manage their emotional health during this time of uncertainty.

Register to attend one of our upcoming webinars below, or click here to access on-demand videos of previous webinars. All webinar attendees receive a free eBook with notes from the webinar, resources mentioned and links to even more helpful solutions.

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Coronavirus: How to keep kids emotionally healthy

This webinar discusses some practical, hands-on ways that we can help kids manage their emotional health during this time of uncertainty. You’ll leave this webinar with lots of easy-to-implement ideas and resources.

Parenting tips for keeping kids emotionally healthy during crisis

Check this webinar to learn tools and techniques to help children cope with emotions during these difficult times.

How to help children cope with grief and distress caused by Coronavirus

Discuss strategies to care for kids who have a connection to someone sick with Coronavirus, experienced a death, or other distress relating to the current pandemic.

How to teach kids resilience through COVID-19

Now, more than ever, our kids need to know how to bounce-back after stressful situations. In this webinar, you will discover practical ways to help your kids and your family use emotional intelligence and coping skills to build resilience.

Si hablas Español, tenemos material a tu disposición:

Revisa webinars para ayudar a los niños a sobrellevar el estrés de esta crisis y mantener su salud emocional.

Give care is an initiative of Project M:25 to provide tools with webinars to provide holistic care for children suffering from trauma

GIVE care is a collaboration between Project M:25 Missions and Lee University Professors, designed to specifically help the children and families who have experienced trauma from a natural disaster or other crisis.

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