People often ask about mailing gifts or cards. We LOVE to receive things from home – our children especially do. So here is the scoop:

  • All packages must weigh under 4 pounds – If it is over 8.5 pounds, we will have to pay 140% of what you paid in postage PLUS tax on the value of the item.
  • Padded Envelopes arrive fastest
  • Use the GREEN customs form and mark as a “gift” and write N/A or put an amount under $20 in the value section.

Our Address:

Bobby Lynch
Casilla de correo:  17-17-1439
Quito, Ecuador
South America

Our Wish List:

  • Spanish DVDs or CDs for children (like Veggie Tales, etc.)
  • Small toys or stickers (prizes)
  • Sunday School curriculum, posters, decorations, etc.

Personal Items:

  • Books – Jordan & Jonathan read like crazy and it’s hard to keep English books for them.
  • Cards, notes or small trinkets for our children

If you do send us a package, please drop us an email and let us know it is on the way. Often times things get lost or set aside at the post office but if we are expecting it, we can inquire as to its arrival.

Thanks for thinking of us!

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